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TRMCC Trophies

Presented Annually 

The TRMCC has nine annually awarded trophies.
Following is a brief description of the trophies. The original names of the trophies have been used.

Dick Martin Memorial Trophy
Recipients are the class winners of a reliability trial based on rider nominated times and speeds over a distance. This trophy is awarded for pre 1962 Bikes. The DMMT also has a team's section for 3 riders - one from each of the following sections
* SIV eligible pre 1962,

* SIV eligible post 1962 and modern

Following the tragic passing of club member Dick Martin in late 1988, the Martin family donated this perpetual award. Dick had been a committee member in the early club years and possessed a huge array of British motorcycles.

Dick Martin and Jack Starmer Memorial Trophies
Memorial Trophy both have the same set of rules and are run concurrently. The reliability time trial for these two trophies can be held at any location in Queensland and bikes can be trailered to the event site, depending on the location.

Ivan Cutler Memorial Shield for Restorer of the Year.
Ivan Cutler joined the Club in 1987, and was a retired policeman who had spent a lot of time in Asia, particularly Hong Kong. He was a very active member with his early 50's 500cc A.J.S. He took an interest in the bad condition of our club's finances, and was the first to pioneer raffles and general fund raising. He was events organizer in the years of 1989 and 1990. The shield in his memory was introduced in 1996.

Jack Starmer Memorial Trophy
This shield is also a reliability trial based on rider nominated times and speeds over a distance. It is awarded for SIV eligible bikes post 1962. Jack Starmer had been club patron for over 13 years, and following his passing, his son John advised the committee that he would provide this trophy in memory of his father. This shield was first awarded in 2010.

John Freeman Memorial Shield for Best Restored Japanese Motorcycle
John Orme Freeman, or 'Sir', as he was commonly known being a high school trades teacher, and long- time club member passed away in 1999. Vivien Gleeson had known John since early childhood, and she and Arthur decided to donate this trophy. John was a very active club member and was president on four occasions, also overseeing the re-constituted annual swap meet and displays. He introduced Jack Starmer to our club. There is a longer article on John Freeman available if anyone wishes to view it, please contact the Secretary.

John Weber Memorial Trophy for Mid-week Ride Award
John was a long standing club member who was chairman of the committee organizing and running the annual swap meet at the show grounds. John was a keen participant in all facets of club activity. He favoured the major distance/reliability trials, the further the better, including the longer mid-week rides. He suffered a fatal heart attack while on a club event. It was appropriate that our club should award this trophy to perpetuate his memory. The trophy will be presented for the first time in 2023.

Orm Snell & Perpetual Shield for Club Member of the Year
This trophy recognises the most consistent member at meetings and events. In 1985 the Snell family donated the shield in memory of the founder of the Orm Snell and Co motorcycle dealership, which since the mid 1930's sold and serviced a diverse range of motorcycles from several British Marques, BMW's, Harley Davidson, and the very successful Honda range.

Restoration Award for Best Restored Motorcycle (Other)
This trophy was first presented in 2021 for the restoration of a machine which is not covered by the existing above awards. As the club has evolved, with motor cycles now present from all corners of the globe, it became obvious that the restoration of such machines be recognized. A specific points system for this award is being currently developed by the management committee for this section.

Used and Cruised Award
This trophy was introduced with the intention of encouraging members to ride their older motorcycles in club events. The rules and the points system are complex. Note that with the change to the rules for the "Club Member of the Year Award", in awarding members an additional point for riding an SIV eligible motorcycle to club events. The original intent of the "Used and Cruised Award" now links to the Club Member of the Year Trophy but with a simpler set of rules and points system.

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